Thursday, 5 March 2009

Exceptional times call for …

Exceptional times call for unexceptional measures, by the looks of it.

Business as usual? Today EurActiv reported ‘Barroso rejects bold ideas for EU financial reform’:

Only realistic plans, adapted to the Council’s low expectations are to be presented.

After this I understand even less what Commissioner Almunia suggested he had hidden up his sleeve, should matters get worse (which seems to be the best case scenario, nowadays).

Yesterday Julien Frisch wondered in ‘The slowness of the EU Council during the financial crisis’, why nothing seems to have happened with regard to Cross-Border Stability Groups:


Harmony between the (European) Council and the Commission is wonderful.

But isn’t Rome burning?

Ralf Grahn

P.S. The efforts of Central European member states to catch up with the older EU members have been called many things, but shouldn’t at least the ERM 2 countries get quick and effective help to enter the Eurozone?

P.S. 2 If there is a no-bailout clause to the effect that EU countries have no legal obligation to save their profligate neighbours, does it mean a prohibition against help in the common and each member’s own interest?

P.S. 3 Do we need new leaders, new rules or both?