Saturday, 7 May 2011

Share your Europe Day 2011

Soon there are seven billion of us sharing this fragile planet. The idea of European integration is very much about the future: making life more safe and prosperous for Europeans, as well as for all other humans.

Europe Day 9 May offers us a good reason to think about what we can learn from the past in order to build a better future. Reading the Schuman declaration of 9 May 1950 is a good way to start (available in twenty-two official EU languages).

'De facto solidarity' was on my mind a year ago, and the need has gone nowhere, despite regression trips among European electorates.

Last year, the call by editors for eurobloggers to share their views during My Europe Week led to 84 blog entries archived.

Nothing prevents the willing from using the hashtags #MyEurope and #EuropeDay on Twitter, or to think aloud about our common future AD MMXI.

Ralf Grahn