Saturday 28 April 2007

Council of Europe 2006

At least one of the member countries of the Council of Europe has an exemplary reporting system. The Swedish government reports yearly on the activities of the Committee of Ministers and the Swedish representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly report on its activities. Both reports are then discussed together in Parliament.

For 2006 see (in Swedish):

· Regeringens skrivelse 2006/07: 81 Redogörelse för verksamheten inom Europarådets ministerkommitté m.m. under 2006
· Betänkande 2006/07: ER1 Redogörelse till riksdagen från Sveriges delegation vid Europarådets parlamentariska församling

The part session of the Parliamentary Assembly ended last week – – highlights three preoccupations for the organisation: Is the human rights situation in the “Wild East” backsliding rather than improving? What to do about the worsening case-load of the European Court of Human Rights? The relationship between the European Union and the Council of Europe is causing some worry, at least to the latter.

Ralf Grahn

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