Monday, 15 October 2007

Very latest EU

From 12 until 15 October 2007 I have fed my Finnish blog with some web columns and notices about the European Union. The topics include the EU and globalisation, Turkey’s maturity for EU membership, military assistance within the EU and NATO, the need for the European Union, consolidated versions of the Reform Treaty, ’civil’ members of a military alliance to be and self-inflicted marginalisation.

The adress is:

The postings have the following headings:

EU globalisaatiossa

Turkki ja EU:n laajeneminen

Sanoma euroskeptikoille

EU:n ja Naton turvatakuut

Uudet EU-sopimukset päivitettyinä

Puolustusliiton siviilijäsenet

Arkaaisessa marginaalissa hyvä olla?

Ralf Grahn

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