Monday 10 November 2008

Sweden: Lisbon Treaty ratification

The Swedish Parliament (Sveriges Riksdag) is expected to decide on ratification of the EU Treaty of Lisbon on 20 November 2008. Sweden is going to take over the Council Presidency in July 2009.

The ratification decision of the Czech Republic is expected even later, after the target date and the beginning of the EU Council Presidency on 1 January 2009.

The ratification instruments have been deposited by 22 member states:

The parliaments of Poland and Germany have given their assent, but the Polish President has obstructed and the German Constitutional Court has still to rule on a number of complaints.

Ireland is in its own category, having rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a June 2008 referendum.


The main Swedish documents are the Government’s ratification bill, Proposition 2007/08:168 Lissabonf√∂rdraget, and the coming parliamentary committee report (Utrikesutskottets bet√§nkande 2008/09: UU8).

Ralf Grahn

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