Monday 2 February 2009

For a strong and democratic Europe!?

Libertas set to emerge as political party as candidates unveiled, reports Ann Cahill in the Irish Examiner:

Look at the list of notables and their European credentials.

Then remember Declan Ganley coming out in favour of a strong and democratic Europe – as if oblivious of contributing to the Irish no vote on the Lisbon Treaty by distorted and narrowly nationalistic arguments.

I have wanted to wait until Libertas shows its true colours before forming a definite opinion. The time seems to be pretty close.

A strong and democratic Europe. With these folks!?

Libertas has managed to launch a good joke.

Ralf Grahn


  1. I do not doubt the anti-Europeans will be enthusiastic about this party.

  2. Libertas may be shooting itself in the foot (in Ireland, at least) with these candidates.

    Can Libertas really hope to portray itself as the people's "clean" and "unpolitical" outsider going to Brussels to clean up (a very American political message; "I'll clean up Washington!") when so many shady characters are involved.

    It's damaging its chances if it wants mass appeal by being anti-establishment/elite but mainstream.

  3. Citizen of Europe,

    Again Declan Ganley has told the media that Libertas has no room for euroscepticism.

    Looking at his recruits to date, it seems to be true only in the sense that they range from complete rejction of the European idea to extreme hatred against it.

    In other words, Ganley's words and deeds do not match.

  4. Eurocentric,

    We should never underestimate the power of populism, but I suppose that Declan Ganley has effectively discredited his platform as a European reform movement and his credibility among thinking voters.

    Compare Ganley's latest comments to the press with this rag-tag bag of extremists.


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