Friday 30 July 2010

Blogging about Europe? Join!

At least to some extent Euroblogs offer the “Brussels Bubble” feedback on the outside world of half a billion people living in the European Union. At the same time blogs related to EU affairs inform and foster debate among citizens, including themselves.

During any week a number of blogs listed on multilingual (now 635) are active, publishing one or more posts, in one of the 25 languages on offer.

My feeling is that (BP) has become the reference for Euroblogs. This means that a blog focused on European Union affairs, but absent from BP remains “invisible” for European readers, even if it happens to have a substantial national readership.

If you take the trouble to blog, you might as well be visible. offers a practical solution, the Contribute button. If you write a blog entry or find an interesting blog post on the EU, you can add the post by submitting the article URL. (Many blogs treat EU subjects occasionally.)

You can also propose your or somebody else’s blog for permanent listing, if it is focused on EU affairs.

Patience may be needed, because functions as a hobby for a loose network of voluntary editors, who have real life obligations.

Naturally, you as well as the editors face questions on where to draw the line. Is it a blog or a vehicle for re-emitting press releases? Is it a blog with domestic perspectives on EU affairs, or a channel for purely national news? (Selection and de-selection criteria could be a subject for broader debate.)

Frequently asked questions (FACs) may give you some indications. There is also a Feedback button in the left side margin.

For visibility and interaction: Bloggers on Europe, unite (on!

Ralf Grahn

P.S. It is easier to understand a language than to use it correctly, and as Eurobloggers we should promote interaction among Europeans. Grahnlaw has adopted a multilingual comment policy:

I do my best to read comments in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish, even if the Grahnlaw blog and my possible replies are in English.

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