Monday 18 October 2010

Blogging in Swedish and Finnish

Call it self-referential, a holy or unholy mess or whatever, but I am going to take a look at my blogs in Swedish and Finnish. Here are a few facts and thoughts about my three blogs here on Blogger: Grahnlaw, Grahnblawg and Eurooppaoikeus

With 1,884 entries to date, Grahnlaw has clearly been my main focus. However, sometimes I feel that I should write more in Finnish and Swedish. During October I have been a little bit more active publishing on Grahnblawg in Swedish and on Eurooppaoikeus in Finnish.


I have written a few entries in Swedish on Grahnblawg about the Commission’s internal market priorities, advance information about Council meetings (in this case the Competitiveness Council), the free movement of persons (citizenship), migration and integration (Finland and Sweden) and the Single Market Act soon to be proposed.


My themes in Finnish on Eurooppaoikeus have been similar: internal market priorities, the application of EU law, statistics on applications for residence permit in Finland, the internal market awaiting reform proposals, as well as integration and employment for migrants (new government bill).

All in all, my blogs here on Blogger are related, but not exact clones. The Swedish and Finnish blogs will deal with EU affairs, but also with matters concerning work and entrepreneurship for “natives”, mobile EU citizens and migrants.

Ralf Grahn

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