Monday 13 December 2010

EU Single Market Act varia

Since the Grahnlaw blog post EU Commission: Internal market reform (9 December 2010), I have actually been busy writing about the internal market or single market, although on my other blogs and partly in other languages.

Here is a summary of the latest entries:

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland: EU Single Market Act: Disappointing start? (10 December 2010). Should we be impressed by the substance of the proposals or by the launch of a wide discussion with possible action in the future?

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Finnish): Saako kelkasta pudonnut Eurooppa sisämarkkinat heräämään? (12 December 2010). Asian nations are forging ahead and surpassing Europe in several fields, but are we experiencing any urgency with regard to the Europe 2020 strategy (EU2020) for growth and jobs, or concerning internal market reform?

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Finnish): EU:n sisämarkkinoiden toimenpidepaketti (Single Market Act) (12 December 2010). Since the Commission has launched (only) a wide discussion, we don't really know where the Single Market Act is going to lead – that is if the discussion is real and not an exercise in manipulation. Reference to the proposal COM(2010) 608.

Eurooppaoikeus (in Finnish): EU:n 'Single Market Act' on käännösongelma (13 December 2010). The entry describes how the terminology has developed from the common market to the internal market, without forgetting the aspirational single market. However, elements of the Single Market Act are lost in translation into Swedish and especially Finnish. On the other hand, the Finnish description is probably the most realistic of four language versions compared. How should linguistic choices be made?

Single Market Act corrigendum or corrigenda

Beware, if you search for the communication from the Commission COM(2010) 608 or read the bibliographic notice on Eur-Lex (with 22 existing language versions), you are not warned that at least the English language version has been revised, and the text you choose has not been corrected.

If you know to look for one or more corrigenda, you could try Council search, but I cannot vouch for it, because the pages were down due to maintenance when I tried to test it.

Update 13 December 2010: ”Delegations will find attached a new version of Commission document COM (2010) 608 final”, says Council document 13977/1/10 REV 1 (en), but I still don't know about other language versions.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. On the multilingual aggregator you can now find the post from 716 Euroblogs. The European online public space keeps growing, but enough to keep Europe from shrinking in the world?

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