Friday 14 January 2011

State minimalism and parliamentary absolutism in EU

Max Steinbeis on Verfassungsblog vividly described Belgium: Failed State mitten in Europa (12 January 2011). Given the slow but seemingly inexorable descent into oblivion, Belgium's greatest gift to Europe could be to cede an ample enough territory to establish the real European Capital (E.C.): Brussels E.C? (7 January 2011).

Square this tenuous statehood and EU membership with the fiery fundamentalist rhetoric about parliamentary sovereignty – nay, absolutism crowding out the rule of law - a stone's throw away, across the Channel in UK Westminster.

We wonder if, or for how long, Belgium remains a state, and we begin to think about how the assets and liabilities should be divided.

We wonder how long it takes before the British people wake up to demand a modern and comprehensive Constitution with fundamental rights, instead of an elective dictatorship based on unrepresentative elections.

United or not, Europe is excelling in diversity.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. On Think about it 4 you find promising young bloggers from around the world writing in English about climate change. Think 4 is organised by the European Journalism Centre.

P.S. 2: There are now five updates worth reading to my previous blog post on the EUSSR and the new Pilgrim Fathers.

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