Saturday 23 April 2011

Europe 2020: National Reform Programmes posted

Yesterday we noted that the Stability or Convergance programmes and National Reform Programmes 2011 from Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland had been posted on the web pages of DG Economic and Financial Affairs (Ecfin) of the European Commission. In addition, there was the Stability programme of Slovenia.


In this blog post we look for possible updates on the website of the Europe 2020 strategy. No updates are visible on the EU2020 front page.

You do not find them even under latest documents, but if you are inspired enough to search for member states' documents, you can find the first national programmes stashed away on the Europe 2020 website.

I do not know why the presentation has to be as discreet as this.

I do not understand why we find a slightly different set of documents on the EU2020 pages than the ones posted on the Ecfin pages.

Anyway, here are the six programmes you find if you look for member states' documents through the Europe 2020 pages right now.


The German National Reform Programme, in German:

Nationales Reformprogramm Deutschland 2011; Berlin 6. April 2011 (about 46 pages)


The Bulgarian Convergence Programme and National Reform Programme, in Bulgarian:

(Bulgaria: Convergence Programme 2011-2014)

(Bulgaria: National Reform Programme 2011-2015)


Belgium's National Reform Programme has been posted on the EU2020 website in French and in Dutch:

Programme national de réforme Belgique 2011; 15 avril 2011 (128 pages)

Nationaal Hervormingsprogramma België 2011; 15 april 2011 (121 pages)


Both the Hungarian Convergence Programme and the National Reform Programme have been posted on the Europe 2020 web pages, in English:

Convergence Programme of Hungary 2011 – 2015 Based on the Széll Kálmán plan; Budapest, April 2011

National Reform Programme of Hungary Based on the Széll Kálmán Plan; April 2011 (86 pages)


Nine programmes in all have been posted on the Ecfin website (DG Economic and Financial Affairs).

Let us just fill in the missing programmes and versions.


The Stability Programme from Belgium is not yet available in English, but we have versions in the national languages, Dutch and French:

Het Stabiliteitsprogramma van België (2011-2014); version 14 April 2011

Le programme de stabilité de la Belgique; version 14 April 2011


The Stability Programme of Slovenia is available, in Slovenian:

Program stabilnosti Dopolnitev 2011; Ljubljana, april 2011



The Stability Programme of Finland is available in English, Finnish and Swedish:

Stability programme update for Finland 2011

Suomen vakausohjelman tarkistus 2011

Uppdatering av Finlands stabilitetsprogram


The National Reform Programme (NRP) of Finland has been given another heading, with the English and Finnish versions posted on the Ecfin page:

Europe 2020 Strategy – Finland's National Programme Spring 2011

Eurooppa 2020 -strategia – Suomen kansallinen ohjelma, kevät 2011

We can find the missing Swedish version through the web pages of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, concluding a full set:

Europa 2020-strategin – Finlands nationella program, våren 2011

Missing links

Even after combining the EU2020 and Ecfin websites, we still have no programmes from 21 out of 27 EU member states, and only one programme each from two of the six countries posted on the websites of the European Commission. Only Hungary and Finland offer both programmes in English.

A few working days remain until the end of April, when the programmes are due at the latest.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Jon Worth, one of the best known and most widely read Eurobloggers, has returned with a number of interesting blog posts within a few days. Highly recommended.

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