Tuesday 6 September 2011

EU: Campaigning in presidential style

If not for the ambiguous word 'stunt', EurActiv's headline description ahead of the 5 to 11 September 2011 week in the European Union would been the dream of the campaign manager for the probable next president of the European Council: Van Rompuy takes lead in eurozone crisis stunt.

Herman Van Rompuy was (s)elected president of the European Council from 1 December 2009 for two and a half years, until 31 May 2012.

The term is renewable once. Van Rompuy seems to embrace the idea of a second term (RTE).

If we look at the agenda of Van Rompuy, he happens to meet members of his electoral college, 27 persons in all with a vote: the heads of state or government of the EU member states.

Very civilised campaigning, far from the 'hoi polloi'.

Update 6 September 2011 about 09:30 EET: I have noticed that Stanley Pignal on the FT Brussels blog discussed Van Rompuy's campaign in a blog post published yesterday. Recommended reading.

Ralf Grahn

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