Monday 5 December 2011

Euro crisis and euroblogs on Bloggingportal

The euro is the currency of 332 million people, more than the home of the United States dollar (about 313 million). The severe euro crisis affects not only the 17 countries of the eurozone, but the economic prospects in the whole European Union (population 502 million) and beyond, actually the world economy.

We have seen the leaders of the eurozone and EU countries struggling to find credible intergovernmental solutions to European level problems. Another week of high level meetings is about to begin, without clear and comprehensive proposals for all to see.

Small wonder that the crises in the euro area, which turned into the crisis of the euro itself, have spawned cross-border discussion on an unprecedented scale. Euroblogs are among the movers in the emerging European public sphere, where common challenges and shortcomings are recorded and evaluated above the level of national politics.

Increasingly Europeans realise that they are in the same boat, although some design the improved vessels for the future, some recall scrapped luxury liners of past glory, some see the Titanic fatally heading towards the iceberg (while deck-chairs are being arranged) and some remind us of the harsh and unjust treatment (austerity) which led to the Mutiny on the Bounty.

The euro crisis and other European questions are treated in the new blog posts which are aggregated on multilingual At this moment 887 euroblogs are listed, although not all of them remain active. During the last seven days 256 blogs published at least one post, but some blogs produce several entries each week.

Somewhat erratically the voluntary editors of Bloggingportal select good blog posts for the front page, which sends them off to Twitter and includes them in the daily newsletter (email subscription).

There are RSS feeds for the editors' choice and for all new posts. You can propose a relevant blog post or a new blog dealing with EU affairs. You could also show community spirit by volunteering for the tagging and the selection of blog posts as an active editor of

Most weeks the blog offers a roundup of the Week in Bloggingportal, with light comment on promoted posts.

Ralf Grahn

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