Monday 13 March 2017

EU social market economy and social pillar

This round-up blog post has a simple main purpose. It brings together a dozen recent entries, published between 23 February and 5 March 2017 on three blogs, in English (EN), Finnish (FI) or Swedish (SV), about the EU social market economy and the European pillar of social rights.

The discussion about an EU social market economy, a European pillar of social rights and “Social Europe” continues as one strand of the public discussion the European Commission invited us to join in the White Paper on the future of Europe COM(2017) 2025. We remember that the Commission promised a number of reflection papers with different ideas, proposals, options or scenarios for Europe in 2025, without presenting ‘definitive decisions’ (probably meaning legislative proposals) at this stage. The first topic mentioned was developing the social dimension of Europe (page 17).

The accompanying process paper (timetable) COM(2017) 2025 final ANNEX 1 scheduled the reflection paper on the social dimension for the end of April, after the recent 9 to 10 March European Council and EU27 summit and the upcoming 25 March 2017 EU27 summit with the Rome Declaration.

Ralf Grahn

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