Friday, 22 February 2008

European Parliament: Fraud or worse?

It is bad enough if there has been widespread misuse of funds by members of the European Parliament. It would be far worse if the European Parliament does not act swiftly to put things right.

First, the EP’s leadership should announce when the complete findings of the report on alleged misappropriations is to be put in the public domain. Yes, complete and unsanitized.

Second, the EP should presently tell the public how it is going to proceed to bring the culprits to justice and to eradicate further abuse of public funds.

Third, the EP should report openly and extensively on the results of its actions.


Fraud is bad enough, and it should rightly miscredit guilty parties and lead to court action, if such is warranted. Cover up by the EP would miscredit the whole institution.

Only swift and decisive action can restore faith in the European Parliament as the representative body of 490 million EU citizens.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Please, inform us if action has been taken.

P.S. II, Later addition: Having tried, in vain, to find 'crisis communication' of the web site of the European Parliament, I sent the following request to the EP's Press Office:

A little while ago I tried to find information on the EP's web site on allegations of misappropriation of public funds by members of the European Parliament.

A situation like this would require swift and decisive information from any institution.

Not finding any, I beg you to inform me when action is taken in order to present the situation as fairly as possible to the readers of my blog.

Best regards,
Ralf Grahn