Wednesday, 8 December 2010

EU Commission promoting your electoral rights?

After looking at the EU for the disabled and ageing (7 December 2010) we move to the web page with factsheets for EU citizens. The second one is:

Promoting your EU electoral rights

On two A4 pages the Commission describes potential problems, offers a light touch description of basic electoral rights and publicizes its proposals to improve the situation.

As in the previous leaflet, the Commission does not offer any references to the facts and views expressed.

In this case the main source seems to be the EP election report COM(2010) 605, a document lacking vision and ambition, in my view.

The first two factsheets have been light on facts. They have highlighted Commission actions, without offering leads to more detailed materials.

Although I am all for placing the citizens at the centre of the European Union – even impatient - at this stage I am wondering if these brochures have a well defined target group and a useful purpose – but there are eight more to go.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. The Italian journalist Marco Zatterin runs an active and expert blog called Straneuropa at Recommended reading.