Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Herman Van Rompuy: Great Expectations

Herman Van Rompuy initiated a channel to EU citizen (bloggers) by launching 'Ask your question!' on Facebook. However, a few days after Europe Day 9 May 2011 most of the questions are still unanswered and the few recorded replies can hardly be described as illuminating, although new comments may still appear.

Until then, instead of the 'Great Expectations' drummed up – and then deceived – the questions by the participants and their reactions remain the most valuable part. (Remember to scroll down to older posts, until the end.)

The rickety institutional framework of the eurozone and the continuing appearance of new salvage operations erode trust in leaders wedded to 'dark secrets'.

Mainly written by pro-EU bloggers, posts marked 'eurozone' and 'myeurope' on tell us something about the need for 'comprehensive reform', way beyond failed PR exercises and official optimism.

The European Union needs to become real, trustworthy and comprehensible in the eyes of its citizens.

Update 14 May 2011: Read the EurActiv article 'EU leaders played poker with the euro and lost, says Borrell' (13 May 2011).

Ralf Grahn