Sunday, 30 September 2007


A democratic European Union is the challenge for the 21st century as the struggle for local and national representative democracy was during the 19th century.

During the last eleven days I have written in Finnish on themes concerning democracy, inter-governmentalism, European languages, the Reform Treaty, the group of wise men, Jens Peter Bonde MEP, EU politics of the Finnish government and the fault lines of the present EU structure.

The posts can be found on:

They have the following headings:

Sekavuudesta selkeyteen

Kansallisten eliittien kaappaama EU

Protektionismille huutia

Le Taurillon

Euroopan kielten päivä


Mugabelle käsipäivää?

Euroopan kielten päivänä

Suomesta löytyy viisas

Väärä oppi ojaan kaataa

Jens Peter Bonde

Hallitus terästäytyy

Vanhasen teesit

Järki ja tunteet


Pääasiat ja sivuseikat

Ralf Grahn

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