Wednesday 13 February 2008

Consolidated Lisbon Treaty in Irish and Portuguese

I am happy to share with you the message I received from Peadar ó Broin, of the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA), in Dublin, Ireland, on two new language versions of the Treaty of Lisbon:

“Hi Ralf,

Just to let you know that the Irish Gaelic consolidated version of the Treaties will go up on the IIEA's website this Monday.

I noticed that there is now a version in Portuguese also, prepared by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

You can link to the text via the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: and via the website for the Portuguese Presidency of 2007:

Thanks also for your daily illuminations on the Treaty of Lisbon. I noticed you got high praise from the folks who work on EU Law Blog - congrats!

Best regards,



For the Irish version and just to remind you: The IIEA has already published the complete Lisbon Treaty, the TEU, the TFEU and the Annexes as well as the Protocols, in English.

Go to

If the number of languages with consolidated versions was seven or eight (Hungarian attested but not verified), we now know of 9 or 10 official EU languages covered out of 23.

Then there are a few alternative consolidations in French and German that I will try to include next time I update the list (last published 8 February 2008).

Are there more consolidated versions we should know about?

Ralf Grahn

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