Friday 15 February 2008

Der Vertrag von Lissabon

Klemens H. Fischer has published his latest book on the development of the European treaties. This time Fischer deals with the Treaty of Lisbon and the process leading to the amending reform treaty.

The book “Der Vertrag von Lissabon – Text und Kommentar zum Europäischen Reformvertrag”, by Klemens H. Fischer (Nomos, Stämpfli Verlag and Verlag Österreich) describes the EU reform process and especially the IGC 2007 before it presents consolidated and annotated versions of the TEU and TFEU, including protocols and declarations.

The accompanying CD-Rom contains background material, the current treaties and three different consolidations of each amending treaty:

with amendments highlighted and footnotes,

with amendments highlighted and

a neutral consolidated version.


Earlier Fischer has published books on the Treaty of Nice, the European Convention, the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe and the development of the European treaties,:

Der Vertrag von Nizza (2003)

Der Konvent zur Zukunft Europas (2003)

Der Europäische Verfassungsvertrag (2005)

Die Entwicklung des europäischen Vertragsrechts (2005)


The new book on the Treaty of Lisbon means that you can follow half a century of development of the European treaties from Rome to Lisbon without leaving Fischer, especially taking into account the ample documentation offered on the CD-Roms.

I have used three of Fischer’s books, and in my opinion they contain competent summaries of the background as well as diligently compiled annotations on the provisions.

The reading portions, based on close observation, are suited to a wider German reading public, and the annotated treaty texts are a valuable source for serious students of European integration.

Ralf Grahn


Klemens H. Fischer: Der Vertrag von Lissabon – Text und Kommentar zum Europäischen Reformvertrag; with CD-Rom; Nomos, Stämpfli Verlag and Verlag Österreich, 2008; price about 79 €

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