Thursday 27 March 2008

Finland: EU Lisbon Treaty ratification bill

The government of Finland has approved the bill on ratification of the EU Treaty of Lisbon. Formally the bill is sent to the Parliament by the president tomorrow, 28 March 2008. The government’s press release recapitulates the main points of the Lisbon Treaty, and it misses only the latest of the six ratifying member states, Bulgaria.

Bearing in mind the Council’s reticence to publish consolidated versions of the amending treaty, the Finnish government’s press release confirms one interesting detail of general European interest, long awaited, namely that the Council is relenting, although the press release does not call it that.

It just states that a consolidated version of the treaties is expected to be finalised in April, in every official language of the European Union.

The press release was available in Finnish and Swedish a short while ago, but not (yet?) in English.

Ralf Grahn

Hallituksen esitys Lissabonin sopimuksen hyväksymisestä eduskunnan käsiteltäväksi; Tiedote 99/2008, Ulkoasiainministeriö, 27.3.2008 13:59;
Link in Finnish:

Regeringens proposition om godkännande av Lissabonfördraget överlämnas till riksdagen; Pressmeddelande 99/2008, Utrikesministeriet, 27.3.2008 14:02;
Link in Swedish:

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