Saturday 29 March 2008

Consolidated EU Lisbon Treaty Update 29 March 2008

My search for readable, consolidated versions of the coming EU Reform Treaty, the Treaty of Lisbon, started in October 2007 and continues until the Council has published consolidated versions of the Lisbon Treaty in every official language of the European Union.

The goal is in sight, but we are not yet there. Therefore I want to present a short update, which builds on the latest relevant posts.


The latest overview of existing consolidated language versions is to be found in the 5 March 2008 post ‘EU UE: Lisbon Lissabon Lisboa Lisbonne Lisbona Lisboa’:


Then there is the 25 March 2008 addendum ‘Complete French Consolidated Lisbon Treaty’ about two language versions. The Swedish pocket version has now been published, and since the post I have received my own copy. It was a positive surprise that it contains the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Protocols, a Table of equivalences and a five page Register in addition to the consolidated treaty texts.

The post spread the announcement of a new French consolidated version by Christine Kaddous and Fabrice Picod:


The latest addition was the confirmation in the press release of the government of Finland that the Council is actually going to publish consolidated versions of the Treaty of Lisbon in every official language of the European Union, in April. See the 27 March 2008 post ‘Finland: EU Lisbon Treaty ratification bill’


Naturally, it is a great step forward when there are consolidated versions of the Lisbon Treaty available to all EU citizens, but experience has shown that both printed and other web versions are still in demand.

In order to keep the readers of this blog informed, I appreciate if you tell me about new consolidations and secondary literature on the Treaty of Lisbon (and the European Union in general), such as official documents, brochures, commentaries, scholarly assessments and textbooks in different languages.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Updated update: The Commission has quietly updated its Questions and Answers section about the Lisbon Treaty in the following way:

“A consolidated version of the Treaty will be published on 15 April on the web and on 9 May on paper version.”

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