Sunday 18 May 2008

Le traité de Lisbonne en 27 clés

Étienne de Poncins has done much to offer EU citizens information about the treaty reform process. « Vers une Constitution Européenne » was based on his work in the secretariat of the European Convention, and « La Constitution européenne en 25 clefs » explained the main points of the Constitutional Treaty.

« Le traité de Lisbonne en 27 clés » turns to the Treaty of Lisbon.

One fifth of the book presents the rocky road of EU treaty reform. De Poncins dedicates four fifths of the book text to thematic presentations of the main institutional arrangements the Treaty of Lisbon tries to address.

De Poncins describes the need for reform, follows the different reform stages (the European Convention, the IGC’s 2004 and 2007) and then offers a picture of the changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty.

The author’s style is clear, concise and readable without being superficial, so the book can be recommended for interested citizens and students of EU affairs. De Poncins, who has substantial experience of French EU policies and currently represents his country as ambassador to Bulgaria, adds the benefit of French (and personal) viewpoints on the matters discussed.

His views come across loud and clear, without pussyfooting. On the eve of the French Council presidency and the preparation of the needed Lisbon implementing decisions, his comments are useful for all who follow the Council negotiations from the outside.


Étienne de Poncins: Le traité de Lisbonne en 27 clés (Éditions Lignes de Repères, 2008 ; 261 pages ; 18,50 €)

Ralf Grahn

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