Tuesday 27 January 2009

Bloggingportal EU

The launch of Bloggingportal.eu means that you can find (already) 281 blogs related to the European Union in one spot:


Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds in your reader.

The home page offers fresh and interesting posts, selected by voluntary editors.

Posts is where you go if you want to check all the aggregated posts of the latest 24 hours.

Topics presents a choice of about thirty broad themes and more limited subheadings, if you want to approach the EU blogosphere thematically.

Blogs opens up the EU blog universe, in categories like Journalists, Individuals, MEPs / MPs / Political parties etc.

Contribute offers the opportunity to add a suitable article or to propose a new blog.


Bloggingportal.eu strives to be multilingual fraternity and sorority, so do not hesitate to propose your own or someone else’s blog in another language than English.
There were language buttons, which kept appearing and disappearing in my reader (IE7) and the language choices (# or +) seemed a bit obscure, but perhaps these questions will be sorted out when Bloggingportal.eu moves beyond the beta stage.


Press releases, official portals and news items are invaluable for anyone who follows European politics, economics or law, but blogs are where these issues are discussed and debated freely.

With its broad range of opinions and interests, Bloggingportal.eu is the source on European Union debate for every EU citizen.


Blogginportal.eu is an impressive venture, especially given that it has been created and is maintained on a voluntary basis.

If I were in the shoes of the City of Aachen, I would seriously consider Bloggingportal.eu for the next Karlspreis (Charlemagne Prize) for this most Worth(y) contribution in the service of European understanding and common endeavour.

And potential sponsors, take note.

Ralf Grahn


  1. Thanks for the endorsement and I guess we all would like to go to Aachen! Just to be fair, almost all the work was done by Stefan who deserves the credit.

    We are still working on the platform so just tell us any bugs you come across when using the portal.

  2. Kosmopolito,

    Thank you for commending the work done by Stefan. Outsiders who see the results seldom know who the real persons behind achievements are.

    Actually, I think that an invitation to Aachen would be even more important for the city itself.

    They have bestowed the Charlemagne Prize on a number of great Europeans: Presidents, Federal Chancellors, Prime Ministers etc.

    If the European idea is to thrive, there has to come a time when a Europe of and by its citizens move centre stage.

    Thus, my suggested qualitative shift was not a joke, but a most serious message to Aachen to envision a Europe fit for the 21st century.

    Anyway, you have done a great job bringing the European public sphere a bit closer to a vibrant existence.


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