Tuesday 27 January 2009

EUISS: European Defence Markets

In Towards a European Defence Market (Chaillot Paper No 113, November 2008, 126 pages), published by the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), four researchers describe the current state of affairs and the prospects for progress.

The publication is available at www.iss.europa.eu and the individual contributions are:

Daniel Keohane: Introduction – Towards a European Defence Market
Erkki Aalto: Interpretations of Article 296
Christian Mölling: Options for an EU regime on intra-Community transfers of defence goods
Sophie de Vaucorbeil: The changing transatlantic defence market


Defence transfers

The publication of the EUISS report roughly coincided with the adoption of the new Defence Transfers Directive by the European Parliament.

Christian Mölling’s article, Options for an EU regime on intra-Community transfers of defence goods (page 51 to 88), is a researcher’s assessment of the coming Directive.

Mölling explores the dilemma of national governments caught between economic-industrial challenges and security concerns. He sets out to show the relevance of an intra-EU transfer regime for the European Defence Equipment Market (EDEM), to offer criteria for the viability and efficiency of a potential regime and to evaluate the main options for an intra-European transfer regime for defence goods.

Against the background of fragmented defence markets and national procurement policies, Mölling concludes that the current situation serves neither economic interests nor the security interests of the European defence sector.

The article evaluates the components necessary for a functioning intra-Community transfer system, and it concludes that it is time for the member states to start offering solutions.

Mölling’s analysis is well worth reading.

Ralf Grahn

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