Sunday 7 June 2009

European election quiz answers

The quiz ahead of the European elections posed ten more or less serious questions about the European Union and the history of European integration.

There have been quite a few readers, although only one brave soul attempted to answers the questions.

Here are the questions and answers:

1) Which head of state would be your guess to think and act in the spirit of the Sun King, Louis XIV: L’Europe c’est Moi?

The country is the same, and for those who have followed the messages from the French President and the Elysée Palace it is hardly a surprise that Nicolas Sarkozy seems to fit the bill.


2) An insular political party which dismisses the obligation of the Article 1 TEU aim of creating an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe as an outmoded irrelevance?

The UK Conservative Party has promised to repatriate EU powers, which is putting European integration in reverse. In addition, they promise to arrange a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, already ratified by the UK, or at least to take action if it is already in force.


3) A pan-European party on an anti-sleaze campaign, but practicing no openness or accountability with regard to its own affairs, political or financial?

This has been the stand of Libertas.


4) A political foundation in the United States contends that the Lisbon Treaty, approved by the national parliaments in 26 EU member states, lacks legitimacy?

The Heritage Foundation interprets the rules of representative democracy in this way, but they see the European Union as a threat.


5) A portal aggregating about 375 Euroblogs?

The number has grown since then, but the answer is


6) The high official, who after securing behind-closed-doors support for a second term, has recorded a message that “Your vote matters. Please use it” for the European elections 2009?

The present and probably the future President of the Commission, José Manuel Barroso.


7) An elder statesman, who in 1946 called for a kind of United States of Europe?

British Conservative leader Sir Winston Churchill in his September 1946 speech at Zurich University.


8) A younger activist, imprisoned by the Fascists, who wrote the Ventotene Manifesto (1941) together with Ernesto Rossi?

Altiero Spinelli.


9) The architect of the European Parliament’s Draft treaty establishing the European Union (1984)?

Altiero Spinelli.


10) The only member state with more opt-outs from the existing treaties than the United Kingdom?

Denmark has four opt-outs at the present time (although the government sees them as problems rather than solutions).

The United Kingdom would reach the number of four under the Treaty of Lisbon.


In a few hours we will have a fairly accurate picture of the kind of European Parliament we are going to have for the legislative and budgetary work and scrutiny during the next five years.

Ralf Grahn

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