Sunday 27 September 2009

Ireland: Lisbon 2009 referendum

Earlier we have looked at basic information sources and interesting blogs ahead of the Irish 2 October 2009 referendum on the EU’s Treaty of Lisbon.

It is no secret that I see the imperfect Lisbon Treaty as a clear improvement on the existing Treaty of Nice, or that I hope that Ireland is willing to advance with the rest of the member states in an evolving European Union.


Irish Times

The Irish Times offers one of the best sources for news and opinion on its Lisbon 2009 web page. We can read the latest reports on politicians’ speeches, opinion polls, nuggets from the campaign trail, analysis, blogs etc. There are also links to relevant documents.

In just five days, the Irish are going to make a decision crucial to themselves and to the rest of Europe.

Despite some outrageous claims from the No side and a smattering of hype for the Yes vote, I do believe that the better informed the public is, the bigger the Yes vote will be.

Informed enough? Big enough?


Ralf Grahn

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