Wednesday 5 May 2010

My Europe Week: Universitas of European integration: Federal Republic of Europe?

Having completed the preparatory Trivium and the secondary Quadrivium, our quest for learning takes us to the Universitas, our Alma Mater of higher education.

Teachers, researchers and students today continue in the footsteps of mobile Europeans who wandered to Bologna and the other medieval universities.

Our Nationes give us roots and identity, but we do not let them become our prisons. We are part of the Universitas, a community moving into new territory, beyond the prejudices of the day.

We can apply the same spirit of free and critical thought to the current state of European integration. Why should we be shackled by 19th century models?

Is the Federal Republic of Europe the outcome of our Universitas of European integration?

Probably, if we let our hearts follow our minds.

Ralf Grahn

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