Tuesday 25 May 2010

Eurozone and economy now top themes on Bloggingportal.eu

Lately the ‘eurozone’ and the ‘economy’ generally have been top themes on multilingual Bloggingportal.eu, which has grown to aggregate 577 euroblogs.

The new coalition government in the ‘unitedkingdom’ has also elicited a fair number of blog posts, as the tangled relationship between ‘britain’ and the rest of Europe.

However, practically all areas of EU activities are covered by passionate eurobloggers, many of them able to communicate more to the point than the institutions.

Although biased, as one of the Bloggingportal.eu editors, I feel that the portal has evolved into a solid and timely source for solid information and opinion on European Union affairs.

Besides the rewarding view of all headlines, you can opt for the editors’ choice on the front page, subscribe to RSS feeds of all posts or the promoted ones, as well as subscribe to the daily and weekly newsletter.

Take a look at Bloggingportal.eu!

Ralf Grahn

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