Tuesday 22 June 2010

Europe 2020 strategy asleep?

As Commission president José Manuel Barroso said in the preface to the Europe 2020 proposal:

This is Europe's moment of truth. It is the time to be bold and ambitious.

Well said.

How about well done?

Europe 2020 web page

Look at the central Europe 2020 web page for the European Commission’s grand project: the strategy for jobs and growth.

In essence, we find links to the Commission’s March proposal and the conclusions of two meetings of the European Council. A few dusty links to canned contents in the margin.

No original or fresh content. Nothing to explain what is going on. No effort to raise interest or to engage.

Where are the reports on progress?
Where are the links to the ongoing work of the Commission services?
Where are the latest Council conclusions on various building blocks?
Where are the preparatory documents by Council working groups?
Where is the information about the dialogue between the national administrations and the Commission?
Where are the links to the national web pages?

Where is the feeling that anybody cares?

Ralf Grahn

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