Wednesday 16 June 2010

European Council takes up information challenge

Finally the background notes and other posts on this blog are getting some healthy competition from the European Council, on the final day before the 17 June 2010 meeting.

Here is a roundup of the official communication effort:

President Herman Van Rompuy has now drafted the itemised one page provisional agenda (document EUCO 12/10).

The press office has also published a three page background note, which briefly explains the context and expected outcomes on main issues.

President Van Rompuy’s invitation letter to the EU heads of state or government has also been published. On one and a half pages it sets the tone for the meeting, mentioning the main items.

The second sentence of the concluding paragraph is interesting, without being overly transparent:

After our morning meeting, we will break up for an extended working lunch. I will first briefly outline to you some of my ideas on what our forthcoming meetings should achieve, in order to optimise their preparation. I will then report to you on progress regarding the work of the Task Force, with a view already to set first orientations on strengthened budgetary discipline and on macroeconomic surveillance and to finalise our conclusions on this part.

Feel free to peruse this advance information from the European Council.

Naturally, you are also invited to read i.a. the 73 blog entries posted on Grahnlaw in May and the 60 posts published this far during June (headlines on the right).

Ralf Grahn

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