Monday 11 July 2011

EU Digital Agenda challenges revisited

The first part of the Digital Agenda retrospective appeared here.

Industry views on the coming European Digital Agenda and an own-initiative report in the European Parliament preceded the publication of the communication from the Commission 19 May 2010: A Digital Agenda for Europe.

We looked at some first reactions to the Digital Agenda for Europe and the progress report on the single European electronic communications market 2009, before referring to Henrik Alexandersson's tragicomic real life account of the multiple notebooks and wireless dongles forced on him by fragmented telecoms markets and incompatible software, plus the horrendous costs of data roaming.

Healthy reminders for those who believe that the common market became a reality when the 1957 EEC Treaty entered into force.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. If the European Union seems overwhelmed by the mess of 17 eurozone members and 27 independent EU members in all, the US Republicans look determined to trigger a federal level default on their own, Euronews tells us.

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