Sunday 24 July 2011

Roundup of Digital Agenda for Europe

The latest Digital Agenda for Europe roundup was published on Grahnlaw Suomi Finland 17 July 2011. Especially the 2009 seminal report from the Swedish government has experienced a renaissance among readers through the blog post: A Green Knowledge Society (Digital Agenda).

Since then I have written a few more entries about the Europe 2020 (EU 2020) flagship initiative called the Digital Agenda, including the Digital Single Market, so here is a collection of new posts on my four euroblogs.

Grahnblawg (in Swedish): Vision om det gröna kunskapssamhället (17 July 2011)

Eurooppaoikeus (in Finnish): EU kohti digitaalistrategiaa: neuvosto 2009 (18 July 2011)

Grahnblawg (in Swedish): Sverige och EU-slutsatser om kunskapssamhället (december 2009) (18 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland: Spain and ICT industry towards Digital Agenda for Europe (2010) (18 July 2011)

Grahnlaw: Granada Ministerial Declaration on the European Digital Agenda (19 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Finnish): Digitaalistrategia: Euroopan parlamentin (19 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Swedish): Europaparlamentet om en ny digital agenda: (19 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland (in Swedish): En digital agenda för Europa: utgångspunkter (20 July 2011)

Grahnlaw: Digital Single Market in Digital Agenda for Europe (21 July 2011)

Grahnlaw Suomi Finland: Digital Single Market continued (Digital Agenda for Europe) (22 July 2011)

Grahnlaw: Interoperability and standards in Digital Agenda for Europe (23 July 2011)

Eurooppaoikeus (in Finnish): Euroopan digitaalistrategian tulostaulu 2011 (24 July 2011)


Which aspects of the Digital Agenda do you find most crucial for the living standards and quality of life of EU citizens? You can comment below or share your thoughts by email.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Erkki Ormala, the president of DigitalEurope, shared his thoughts about the Digital Agenda and the Digital Single Market on the news source New Europe.

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