Wednesday 15 February 2012

More on EU Commission roadmap for A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights

In the blog post EU Commission roadmap: A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights, we looked at the issues listed in the communication 24.5.2011 COM(2011) 287 (available in 22 language versions).


For those who want overviews of the strategy proposal and related questions, the European Commission published material for journalists and the wider public on the day.

The main introduction is the press release Commission sets out ”blueprint” for Intellectual Property Rights to boost creativity and innovation (IP/11/630, 22 languages).

In addition, there are two memos in English: Intellectual Property Strategy – Frequently Asked Questions (MEMO/11/332) with ongoing and planned initiatives to strengthen protection of copyright and industrial rights, and Orphan Works – Frequently Asked Questions (MEMO/11/333), which deals with works under copyright but without known holders, as well as with out-of-commerce books.

You find more information through the web page Internal Market > Protection of rights and further to Copyright, Industrial property and Enforcement of rights, especially if you use the links on the pages.

Ralf Grahn
speaker on EU digital policy and law

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P.S. 2: The @Avaaz petition for the European Parliament (and the national parliaments) to reject #ACTA has already been signed by 2,316,523 netizens, but more are welcome until the anti-piracy treaty has been officially buried.

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