Sunday 12 February 2012

Netizens of the world, unite! Follow ACTA ad acta

Here are some more twitterers I enjoy following with regard to #ACTA and other things concerning politics in the digital era.

Professor Michael Kennedy @Prof_Kennedy offers a transatlantic perspective on the European citizens' uprising for digital freedoms.

The knowledgeable Internet policy advisor Ralf Bendrath @bendrath provides insights in both German and English.

The pseudonym A.Wood.B.Maven @awbMaven is an active and intelligent participant in the discussions.

Jérémie Zimmermann @jerezim is a pillar of La Quadrature du Net.

With selective tweets and discussion @CWICKET contributes more than a ”simple geek”.

Switching between English and Portuguese, net freedom is not the least of causes for @jmcest.

The founder of the first Pirate Party, in Sweden, @Falkvinge is now the evangelist promising weeping and gnashing of teeth to those who want to encroach on digital freedoms.

There are, obviously, many worthies missing. Follow, participate and share #ACTA to find your own favourites, then keep watching Internet politics.

Netizens of the world, unite!

Ralf Grahn
speaker on EU digital policy and law

P.S. For better or for worse, between the global issues and the national level, the European Union shapes our digital future and online freedoms. More than 900 euroblogs are aggregated by multilingual Is your blog already listed among them? Are you following the debates which matter for your future?

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