Saturday 31 March 2012

EU growth and prosperity through EU2020?

Loss of competitiveness and export shares in world markets is the slippery road the member states of the European Union have been embarked on, but it is hardly the highway to growth and prosperity. The EU actually has a comprehensive strategy for economic growth, Europe 2020, but how credible is the commitment of the national leaders if they keep forgetting their own EU2020 master plan, at least without prodding? Just before each EU member state submits its National Reform Programme 2012, here are some Grahnlaw blog posts about relevant conclusions and statements concerning a return to growth, competitiveness and the creation of new jobs: European Council and the quest for growth European Council and Single Market: ambitious enough? EUCO challenge: growth despite budget balancing Breathing life into EU2020 necessary for growth, competitiveness and employment EU2020 from failure to action EU leaders: ”Oops, we forgot our strategy” European Council endorsed Annual Growth Survey 2012 priorities Is the Europe 2020 strategy jinxed? Ralf Grahn EU policy expert, speaker and lecturer

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