Monday 12 March 2012

EU: Your Single Market?

Mario Monti (Wikipedia) did not serve European integration only as the commissioner for the internal market and later competition. Recently he participated in the reflection group chaired by Felipe González, which produced the report: Project Europe 2030 – Challenges and opportunities. In parallel Monti prepared a report of his own, commissioned by José Manuel Barroso: A new strategy for the Single Market – At the service of Europe's economy and society.

Towards a Single Market Act

On the basis of the Monti report the European Commission, where Michel Barnier is responsible for the internal market and services, prepared a consultation paper. The communication is available in 22 languages; in English:

Towards a Single Market Act: For a highly competitive social market economy - 50 proposals for improving our work, business and exchanges with one another; Brussels, 27.10.2010 COM(2010) 608 final (45 pages)

Your Single Market?

If you want a quick introduction, you can read the 27 October 2010 press release (IP/10/1390) and the background information in Single Market Act – Frequently Asked Question(s) (MEMO/10/528).

With Your Single Market?, a 40-page booklet aimed at a wide public, the Commission presented some of the planned reforms and tried to get citizens (consumers, workers and professionals) as well as small and medium-sized enterprises on board.

The proposed actions outlined for the coming Single Market Act (SMA) fell into three groups:

* How to re-launch strong, sustainable and equitable growth
* How to put citizens at the heart of the single market.
* How to foster better governance and dialogue in the single market.

Ralf Grahn
public speaker on EU affairs

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