Sunday 9 April 2017

Promised report on integration of Single Market

In the entry Annual Growth Survey 2015 without Single Market integration report we found no follower to the 2013 and 2014 reports.
The integration reports had been based on the promise of annual reports and their function, made by the European Commission in the communication Better governance for the Single Market; Brussels, 8.6.2012 COM(2012) 259 final (page 5):

To this end, the Commission will prepare an Annual report on the integration of the Single Market. This report will present an analysis of the state of Single Market integration and look at the way the Single Market functions in practice, in particular in key areas and for key market actors, including businesses and consumers. To the maximum extent, it will measure how well the Single Market functions in these areas by making use of concrete benchmarks.
The Annual Report will be part of the Annual Growth Survey, so as to be discussed by the Council and the European Parliament and be endorsed by the Spring European Council. The Annual report will contribute to the definition of country-specific recommendations, which will be based on a more in-depth analysis of performance in each Member State, in the context of the European semester process.

The blog posts Single Market integration 2013 report and Second Single Market integration report 2014 had told us that the European Parliament resolution P7_TA(2013)0054 had requested a legal act on Single Market governance and the resolution P7_TA(2014)0130 had reminded the Commission and explicitly called for the establishment of a Single Market Pillar of the European Semester.

If the Commission informs us about its response, we can return to the single market integration report as part of the Annual Growth Survey.

Ralf Grahn

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