Sunday 2 April 2017

Tracing Single Market Act proposals

I have kept my account of the Single Market Act (SMA I & II) at a general level, without going into the contents or procedures concerning individual legal proposals or administrative measures. However, should the need arise, it is good to know that someone has been there, done that.

Once again, here are the links to the two SMA communications from the Commission:
Single Market Act - Twelve levers to boost growth and strengthen confidence - "Working together to create new growth"; 13.4.2011 COM(2011) 206 final
Single Market Act II - Together for new growth; 3.10.2012 COM(2012) 573 final

Single Market Act summary

The Legislative Observatory of the European Parliament offers a summary (in English or French) on the Single Market Act.

First, there is a recap of both SMA packages and of progress made by the beginning of May 2014.

Second, there is a list of the main proposals as well as their procedure files, which both link to the procedure file contents. This means that you can follow the procedure until the final vote in the European Parliament.

The Platform for EU Interparliamentary Exchange IPEX offers a gateway to the member states, while you can follow the Eur-Lex link until you reach the adopted act.    

Single Market Act: State of Play

The Parliament offers a detailed follow-up tool as well, covering the main part of the road between the original packages and the situation today for most proposals:

Single Market Act: State of Play: In-depth analysis for the IMCO Committee; Update 16 October 2014 (European Parliament: Directorate-General for internal policies) (33 pages)

Page 5 summarised the remaining actions at publication time in the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

The study contains exact references and links to Commission proposals, legislative procedures and ensuing legal acts, first for the twelve Single Market Act I levers including complementary actions (pages 7-23), then for the twelve Single Market Act II levers (pages 24-33).


With these tools in your hands, I take leave of both Single Market Act packages.

Ralf Grahn

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