Sunday, 30 November 2008

UCD Dublin European Institute: Ireland’s Future in Europe

Cork lawyer and legal blogger Fergus O’Rourke did it! He located the discussion paper I have been looking for these last two days, and pestering the world about. Thank you, Fergus!

Frustratingly, it is (at least now) posted ‘right under our noses’, on the University College Dublin pages, which I searched two days ago, in vain.

Besides having been commended by Senator and Chairman Paschal Donohoe in the Oireachtas Sub-Committee Report, the UCD Dublin discussion paper discusses European scenarios of general EU interest.

Ireland is not the only one with choices to make concerning the future of and in Europe (as I argue in the preceding post regarding the NIC world trends).

UPDATE - Edited 30 November 2008 about 17:25 EET:

The UCD Dublin European Institute 31 page discussion paper Ireland’s Future in Europe – Scenarios and Implications, by Gavin Barrett, Brigid Laffan, Rodney Thom, Daniel C. Thomas, Ben Tonra (12 November 2008).

The link first offered by me was somehow broken. Instead, follow the advice kindly offered by the UCD EIT Director Daniel Thomas.

Go to the homepage of the Institute and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are links to both the discussion paper and the Oireachtas report:

In addition, if you click on the side bar at Working papers, there is an earlier one 08-01 which also addresses the Lisbon Treaty:

Gavin Barrett, Final Impact: The Treaty of Lisbon and the Final Provisions of the Treaty Establishing the European Community and the Treaty on European Union, UCD Dublin European Institute Working Paper 08-1, May 2008.


I want to thank Fergus O'Rourke and Daniel Thomas for their help, and I apologise to the people I have troubled with my questions.

Ralf Grahn