Monday, 20 September 2010

Sweden: Reinfeldt wins but fails to gain majority

Sveriges Radio International reports that the centre-right party of prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt gained a historic 30 per cent of the vote in the Swedish parliamentary election. However, the three other parties of the governing Alliance – Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats – lost seats, so the preliminary results point to 172 seats out of 349, three less than an outright majority.

The Social Democrats remained the largest party, with 30.9 per cent of the vote, but losing 4.4 percentage points since 2006.

The nationalistic and xenophobic Sweden Democrats cleared the five [Correction] four per cent hurdle, and get 20 seats in the new parliament (Riksdag).

Reinfeldt has proposed cooperation with the Green Party, which campaigned against the government coalition together with the Social Democrats and the Left Party.

The Pirate Party failed to clear the hurdle.

Ralf Grahn