Sunday 18 November 2007

Citizen journalism

The Blogosphere offers much more than neurotic shoppers and beatific cat-owners; sometimes blog writers bring forward themes and viewpoints neglected by political and business leaders as well as mainstream media.

In spite of modish claims that the Internet makes people dumber, I have tried to collect examples of the opposite, at least as an option, in my blogroll.

Looking for sources on the EU budget review, I came across an impressive long piece by Clive Bates on his blog, Bacon Butty: “Buddy can you spare a trillion? The EU budget review”. Without necessarily agreeing with all of his conclusions, I admit that his analysis and questions merit further thought, detailed discussion and convincing answers.

If the EU budget review 2008/9 manages to apply even a token of Bates’ rigour through the political process of decision-making, we could expect a post-2013 long term budget much more adapted to the needs of the citizens of the European Union than the present financial perspective (2007–2013).

Today I am going to make the addition of one shining example of citizen journalism to my blogroll.

Ralf Grahn


Clive Bates: Buddy can you spare a trillion? The EU budget review; 1 November 2007;

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