Friday 9 November 2007

Lisbon Treaty decrypted in 2009?

The latest answer from an EU institution spells it out: A decrypted version of the Reform Treaty, soon to be known as the Lisbon Treaty, seems to be in the offing in 2009, if ever. I quote the reply from Europe Direct:

“The consolidated version will be available only when the Draft Reform Treaty is signed and ratified by the Member States.”

At this juncture the Lisbon Treaty is the most important document of the European Union, and we citizens are at the centre of the European project, we have been told.

Somehow there is a mismatch when publishing an intelligible version of the proposed treaties at once is stonewalled by the EU institutions.


Think-tanks, scientific research institutes or non-governmental organisations to the rescue of democratic EU debate!

Ralf Grahn


  1. If they don't provide consolidated versions, we will...

  2. Nanne, your words are a consolation.

    But who has the the knowledge and the resources plus the obligation to give all of the EU's citizens correct, full and user-friendly information, in every official of the Union?

    The Council. In addition to the practical possibilities there is the basic democratic principle of equality for all the citizens of the Union.

    I have found (and mentioned earlier) three consolidated versions:

    Statewatch in English.

    Real Instituto Elcano in Spanish.

    IEE-ULB in French (and part English).

    But it still falls far short of 23 languages and equality.

  3. True, providing it in 23 languages is going to be a major issue. But maybe this is something we can use the blogosphere for. I agree with you that the Council should be responsible for this and I'll join you in denouncing them when they don't make the consolidated versions available after the signing.

  4. Nanne, did you see the Re: Europa entry on contacting our MEP's?

  5. (Publications & articles) - in English

  6. Anonymous, thank you for your information. I wrote a separate note on the new publication.


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