Friday 16 November 2007

Consolidated Treaty of Lisbon

Usually I am not a fan of anonymous commentators on Internet forums, including my blogs, because anonymity seems to breed a sniper mentality or grow from one. Now I am going to make an exception, for a good reason.

“Lisbon Treaty decrypted in 2009?”, one of my blog posts on the unwillingness of EU institutions and governments to publish consolidated (amalgamated) versions of the new and existing treaties, received a comment from Anonymous, who pointed me towards the Irish Institute of European Affairs (IIEA), which has published a draft of the Consolidated version of the Treaties amended by the Treaty of Lisbon. The consolidated version, in English, has been compiled by Peadar รณ Broin.

Using small font and spacing this compilation manages to keep paper consumption at a reasonable level.

For a free download, go to:

Students, teachers, researchers, journalists, politicians and officials at the EU, national, regional and local level, as well as interested citizens have been given a handy tool.

With French, Spanish (mentioned earlier) and English versions of the Reform Treaty already accomplished there are only 20 more language versions to publish in order to have all the official languages of the European Union represented.

Are there versions I have not noticed yet? Is the work in progress somewhere?

Ralf Grahn

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