Friday 14 December 2007

EU Treaty of Lisbon now in Swedish

One hopeful step for mankind, when the quest for consolidated versions of the Treaty of Lisbon has yielded another result.

Sieps, the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies has published a consolidated version of the Lisbon Reform Treaty of the European Union on its Swedish web page.

Now we have a Swedish updated Lisbon Treaty in addition to the English, French and Spanish consolidations I have mentioned before.

Four languages is a good start, but the EU has 23 official languages. There are still 19 language versions to produce, before we can speak of equal treatment of the citizens of the European Union.

As always, I am grateful for information on existing or forthcoming consolidated versions in different languages.

Ralf Grahn


Sieps – Svenska institutet för europapolitiska studier: Ladda ned Lissabonfördraget - Konsoliderad version av EU:s fördrag (pdf); Choose the Swedish pages

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