Thursday 20 December 2007

German consolidation of the EU Treaty of Lisbon

Nanne on the DJ Nozem blog brought the German consolidated version of The Treaty of Lisbon to my attention (mentioned in my previous entry).

Markus Walther, a student in Leipzig, has compiled the amended Treaty on the European Union, the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, the protocols to the treaties and the Charter of fundamental rights.

They are the final versions; the entry dated 18 December 2007. He has posted the documents on his web site, where they can be downloaded by all.


Isn’t it amazing, the information needs of about 90 million German speaking citizens in the European Union on proposed legislation are filled, not by the EU institutions, nor by the German government, but by a private citizen, probably without remuneration.

When the European Union and the national governments write their following report on communication policy, they could aptly name it “Absent at the creation”.

We just have to hope that they’ll catch up, someday, someway.

Ralf Grahn


Markus Walther: Das Primärrecht der Europäischen Union; Endfassung, Stand 18. Dezember 2007;

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