Wednesday 19 December 2007

EU Treaty of Lisbon: Spanish update

Real Instituto Elcano has swiftly updated its Spanish consolidated version of the Treaty of Lisbon to accord with the final text of the amending treaty. José Martín y Pérez de Nanclares and Mariola Urrea Corres handled the fine-tuning as well as the editing of the previous version.

The web page offers an introductory explanation to the Lisbon Treaty, written by Martín y Pérez de Nanclares.

The other consolidated language versions (English, French and Swedish) should be adjusted accordingly.

The real blot on the record is that nineteen language versions are still missing (as far as I know). Until they are published, all talk of openness, transparency, accountability, equality, decisions taken near the citizens and re-engaging citizens are rubbish.

Why does the Council want to alienate EU citizens?

Ralf Grahn


Real Instituto Elcano: Tratado de Lisboa (la versíon consolidada definitiva);


  1. Hello. Just went accross your blog and decided that this might interest you. This is a blog by a group of Portuguese citizens that represent the fisheries, environmental and other interests to the sea. take a look at
    Best regards, Ricardo Lacerda

  2. Ralf,

    A bit of blog whoring here. I've got a post up that might interest you.

  3. Ricardo Lacerda: Thank you, I am going to take a look.

    Nanne: Thank you for your information. I posted a comment on your blog. Possibly I will post it here, too.

  4. Nanne, thank you again for your information. Here is the comment I posted on your blog:

    The information that publishing has been blocked deliberately by the EU institions was corroborated further.

    With about 90 million German speaking EU citizens, the German version fills a big gap, but it is incredible that the work and publishing has to be done by private citizens.

    It is like a journey back to the days of the Holy Alliance (1815).

    Yesterday the EU information organisation of the Finnish Foreign Ministry promised consolidated versions (presumably in Finnish and Swedish), but for some mysterious reason during the Spring of 2008. (The texts are there and a web publication could be accomplished in a matter of days.) I noted this on my Finnish and Swedish blog.

    The only way forward seems to be through 'national' consolidations, and if the governments obstruct, by more or less private parties.

    Shame on the Council and the acquiescing EU institutions!

    The quest for consolidated versions continues.


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