Thursday 10 January 2008

Books on the EU Treaty of Lisbon

In addition to reader-friendly consolidated versions of the EU Treaty of Lisbon, there is a demand for secondary literature.

TEPSA, the Trans European Policy Studies Association, has published a list, prepared by the team of Wolfgang Wessels at the University of Cologne, dated 18 December 2007: Overview of publications on the Lisbon Treaty


In addition, the following could be mentioned:

Andrew Duff’s True Guide to the Treaty of Lisbon (pdf); posted among others on the ALDE web site under Key Documents;

Estudio Preliminar de José Martín y Pérex de Nanclares (pdf); posted on the Real Instituto Elcano web pages dedicated to the consolidated Treaty of Lisbon;


The first signs of traditional commentaries, books, on the Reform Treaty are appearing. The following information is from internet bookshops and publishers (not my own perusal of the contents):

Jean-Luc Sauron: Comprendre le Traité de Lisbonne : Texte consolidé intégrale des traités, explications et commentaires ; Gualino éditeur, 2007 ; 352 pages, € 19

Jacques Ziller : Il nuovo Trattato europeo ; Il Mulino, 2007 ; € 12

Klemens H. Fischer: Der Vertrag von Lissabon. Text und Kommentar zum Europäischen Reformvertrag; Nomos; to be published in January 2008; 550 pages, € 79

Marianne Dony: Après la réforme de Lisbonne. Les nouveaux traités européens ; Editions Université de Bruxelles ; to be published in January 2008 ; 342 pages, € 12

Carl-Otto Lenz & Klaus-Dieter Borchardt: Der Vertrag von Lissabon. Einführung, Vertragstexte (EUV und AEUV), Protokolle und Erklärungen; under preparation; Bundesanzeiger Verlag; about 400 pages, € 34.80


Dear Reader,

Do not hesitate to add information on forthcoming titles.


Ralf Grahn

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