Wednesday 30 January 2008

Two new Lisbon Treaty ratifications

The Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council has informed us that the Parliament of Slovenia has ratified the Treaty of Lisbon. In the words of Prime Minister Janez Janša:

“By a vast majority of 74 votes out of a total of 90, the Republic of Slovenia has become the second Member State to confirm the new institutional structure for more effective functioning of the enlarged European Union.”

The Times of Malta reports that the House of Representatives has unanimously ratified the EU Lisbon reform treaty.

Hungary was the first member state to ratify, so the number of ratifications is now three.

Ralf Grahn


Prime Minister Janez Janša welcomes ratification of the Lisbon Treaty; 29 January 2008;

Times of Malta: House ratifies Lisbon treaty; 29 January 2008;

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