Monday 14 January 2008

Consolidated Lisbon Treaty: Update

Some additional information on the available unofficial but convenient consolidated versions of the Treaty of Lisbon, which I presented in my 10 January 2008 posting ‘Consolidated Treaty of Lisbon’.

The Wikipedia article on the Lisbon Treaty (to be recommended in itself) had noticed that there is a new English consolidation:

Markus Walther, who produced and published a German consolidated version of the EU Treaty of Lisbon on his web site, has posted an English readable consolidated version as well (a preliminary document without tables of content, annexes, protocols or declarations). See:

Until now we have had the reader-friendly English consolidations offered by Statewatch and the Irish Institute of European Affairs.

A commentator mentioned that a Hungarian user-friendly consolidated version exists, and offered me a link (which did not work). Not knowing Hungarian, I was not able to locate the consolidation on my own, but I suppose that those who know the language would be able to find this language version of the consolidated Reform Treaty on the government web pages.

There would now seem be seven readable language versions out of 23 official languages.


No deeds contradict Jens-Peter Bonde MEP when he says (19 December 2007,

“The intergovernmental conference decided that no institution should be allowed to publish a consolidated version before the treaty had been finally ratified by all 27 member states.”

Therefore, it is up to national governments, NGOs, think-tanks and individuals to make readable treaties available to the citizens of the Union and to spread the word.

I am, as ever, grateful for information on consolidations of the Lisbon Treaty, the ratification processes and literature on the subject.

Ralf Grahn

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